Workshops /

“Specialized events and gatherings hosted by myself and others focusing on creating a sacred space for reconnection, integration and deep clarity and peace.

bridging the visible with the invisible

Workshops and retreats are designed as a full emersion experience.  The foundational element always gifting sacredness and peace to the participants.

True personal development is the ability to look as deep inside of yourself as possible and to bring light to the parts of ourselves that we hide even from ourselves.

Workshops and Retreats can also be 



“to stand in the maelstrom of your life and hear the silence of eternity flowing through you”

the greatness in me honors the greatness in you

What do people say 

Britt Schwaabe - Hong Kong

“It was very interesting, I highly recommend him. He connected some dots for me as he pointed out where in my body I have a discount between chakras and how this would affect someone creative, productive and busy like me.. I learned and he gave me tools to connect with myself, my confidence and strength by just spending time with me. VERY much spot on, he read me well and I felt great coming out of the session because he expressed in words what I had been feeling for a while AND most importantly gave me a way to train how to move forward with that.”

Punam Guar - London, United Kindom

“I recently met Justin whilst at the Four Seasons in Bali where he was in residence. I was quite intrigued by his biography and after speaking to a few members of the hotel I decided to take the plunge and book a one on one intuitive reading with him.

Whilst not exactly a skeptic – I had in the past had a reading which had left me a little upset. It was just after I lost my father and I quickly realised that there are many people who would happily take advantage of the grief and vulnerability one experiences at this time.

However, I am very pleased to report i found Justin to be very genuine, warm and kind. He immediately was able to pick up on my physical and emotional issues. The information was accurate and I was able to let my defences come down. I feel that Justin is able to read people for who they really are and connect with their energy. He also bought attention to my body and made me aware of the areas that need healing. I have definitely become more aware – I know I have to stop the pattern that has taken over my life and build a better relationship with myself. I am very grateful to have met him. Thanks Justin.”

Family Therapy

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“Soul Coaching”?

I believe that we are a composition of 5 different bodies.  Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energy/pain.  Each of these bodies need and require certain kind of attention.  Just like you need to eat food and move your physical body so do you need to nourish your mind and give space for your feelings.

My natural gift and ability is that I act as a mirror.  I can intuitive feel and see a bigger, more expansive ‘possibility’ of a person.  This allows me to see where there are blocks or obstacles in your life now that are keeping you from a fuller and freer expression of who you are truly are.  

I use the world ‘soul’ in context of the 5 different bodies.  You are most then just flesh and bone.  For true growth and stabilized expansion, it is important to work on all 5 of these different bodies with different tools, philosophies and real practical steps to re-enforce them.

Who are you?

Check out the video I did on the topic of these going deeper questions.


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Before our session

An intention or focus for the session is important -as that gives me direction on where to focus and what you want to get out of our time together.


75 mins and recorded


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