Justin's journey


“A road can lead you many places”

My spiritual journey began when I was indirectly struck by lightning at the age of 16. During this time I faced immense internal turmoil and really began to question my own belief systems. What did ‘god’ mean to me and what was my connection after coming in touch with such a powerful natural force of nature? The meaning of life, the meaning of the world, the meaning of me….

Belief and connection was always paramount in my life and I was worried how that would change because of the way I was born. This sent me spiraling into questioning life, belief systems and what it means to be a child of God.

It wasn’t until 22 when I had my first psychic reading that things started to escalate for me. In retrospect, the reading was less profound in its content that the direction it pointed me towards. I was told that I am a clairsentient (having the ability to feel and sense emotions in others) and given information about my ‘guides’. Armed with this information I careened down a road trying to understand what all of this meant. At no point did I feel afraid or as if on unfamiliar terrain.

“It was like breathing for the first time.”

Bali turned into four years of my life. I met too many people to even remember, had experiences, realisations, learnt lessons and grew in ways that I could never begin to understand. I call Bali the ‘kidneys of the world’ as it is a place of cleansing and regeneration (hundreds of ceremonies are performed by the Balinese daily to purify and sanctify, making the energy inherent to the location). I even tried leaving twice but its energy drew me back as I was clearly not done there yet.

In Bali I was nurtured to trust my spiritual gifts and use my sentient abilities to help others. I slowly started to offer readings and sessions and in doing so built confidence and trust in myself. Many times I felt extreme loneliness living in Bali, but believe that it was in these moments that I gained glimpses of Source and a deeper spiritual connection.

In 2015 I felt it was time to leave Bali. I followed my heart and ended up in Australia for a relationship. My network kept expanding and in September I was invited as a special guest speaker for an event in Canada. This opened doors for me to travel to the US, and when my relationship ended, I moved to Los Angeles for six months. This time solidified my trust and belief in myself and what I stand for.
Afterwards I traveled to Hong Kong, a city that holds a very special place in my heart. My plan was to stay for three months, but this turned into 13 months of total growth and putting what I know into practice. I made many close friends, and established myself with major hotels and companies. Following the wind once again, I am now based in Austria.

My spiritual journey has been hands on. I end up somewhere in the world staying for a few weeks to months, learning from people and about the culture and land through experiences and self-realisations. The journey has never been easy yet it lends itself to rapid, extreme transformation.

I was submissive throughout childhood and inclined to live in the shadows of others; as I have travelled and grown, I’ve become comfortable and confident in my own skin and belief system of connecting to my own truth and understanding of what makes us spiritual beings.

My core passion is to help others through the same process – to be all that they are. Weaving together all our lifetimes, energies, experiences and emotions into what we are fully and entirely capable of.