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Empowerment of your identity, your belief and your sovereignty as a spiritual being

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A spiritual adventure

Born and raised in South Africa, I have been traveling the world for the past 10 years living in places such as Bali, Australia, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and now Europe. Through all my travels and experiences I have developed my own unique way of approaching spirituality and personal development.


Justin Andries


Soul Reading

Do you have questions that doctors, therapists or specialists cannot answer?  My gift is to see a fuller, more expansive version of who you are capable of - as such I act as a great cosmic mirror guiding clients back to that fuller, freer version.

Soul Coaching

A program designed to help clients gain a deeper clarity in their lives, to reconnect what is most important to them and step beyond any limitations that may have been holding them back in all areas of their life.

Western Astrology

Astrology with my personal twist, bringing a chart together like a grand play of actors.  What is the story that the planets are telling about your life, your destiny and what makes you want to do the things you want to do in life?

Workshops / Retreats

Group events run around the world that focused on helping people gain deeper clarity on their lives, powerfully create what they want and cultivate a place of inner peace and connectivity to the world around them.

Pillars of expansion


Love for oneself, for life and the experiences you can manifest. The more we love ourselves, the more life loves us.


Connect with Spirit, Body and Mind. Gain clarity and purpose in life when you can feel the essence of the Universe.

Safe And Secure

Quiet your mind, body and spirit allowing you to gain deeper clarity and focus in your life and.

I highly recommend him for any spa or wellness centre that seeks to expand their wellness offerings. His unique approach to astrology and grounded spirituality make him stand out – he sees into the core of clients and helps to bring out their inner beauty and peace.


Shoshana Weinberg - Four Seasons,  Senior Spa DIrector Asia Spacific

His readings are very in-depth and I have personally witnessed him assisting many many people to find themselves and their vocations and directions. He is a great motivator enabling those who doubt themselves to trust and to empower them.


Soma Temple - Business Owner

Justin has helped me identify and work through blocks in life, enhancing my connection with myself and others. His encouraging approach is grounded and no-nonsense, but always compassionate and with a great sense of humour.


Stephanie Shiu - Editor-in-chief (Asia Spa)

Justin is a gifted and insightful empowerment practitioner committed to ensuring those he works with find inner peace, balance and fulfilment. Through his tools and group and individual session he provides his clients the tools to thrive. I have done both group and 1:1 sessions with Justin and have benefitted immensely from the sessions he leads and always look forward to signing up for more.


Lucy Werner - Google Head of Cloud Services Hong Kong 

Latest on Youtube!

I regularly upload videos to YouTube focusing on the aspects of work that I do with clients, my own understanding of personal growth and spirituality and more.  Check out the latest video here or visit my channel with the button below!

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